At CSTAR, we proudly specialize in curating the finest intimate products, including the renowned Clit Sucker Vagina Sucking Vibrator, to elevate your personal moments of pleasure.


1. Start on the lowest setting.

It is small but mighty.

2. Don't try standing up until you know your limits.

I fell down!

3. A towel may be needed. Even if you have never needed a towel before.

Boy was that a surprise!

4. Multiple Os.

Oooof! What just happened?

Sometimes you want a little more.

Hi, my name is Crystal and this is my beautiful wife, of 17 years, Catherine. This webstore is dedicated to all women. But especially women that have chronic illness and disabilities. The price is kept reasonable so no one is priced out of the market.

Sometimes you can find us on Tiktok @Crazyoldlesbian